We left our ryokan early to take our bus to Aso.

The first stop didn’t really smell nice. There were a lot of sulfuric fumes, so it smelled like rotten eggs.
This was in Unzen. It was interesting to see. The inhabitants got their energy out of the ground. There was also a hospital in this little town because the sulfuric water is good for skin deseases and rheumatism.

Then we took the ferry, ride on with the bus and after an hour we got of.

We went to visit a beautiful garden in the middle of the busy city.
In the Suizenji Jojuen Garden you don’t even notice the noise of the city and you can really relax for a while.

After this another 2 hour bus ride to go back to the ryokan.
The owners of the ryokan made reservations for us in a Korean restaurant only 20 minutes away.
While our futon was spread out, we were having a nice dinner and finished the evening with a relaxing visit to the local onsen (public baths).
After an intense cleaning you can go in the nice hot water. They also had an outside pool for those rather being in fresh air and an ice cold bath to freshen up afterwards.

Totally relaxed the bus took us back to the ryokan for a good night rest.

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