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We leave from Tokyo and head towards Sendai but first we take a dag to explore Nikko. Nikko is famous for it’s many temples and shrines and it’s most famous one is the Toshogu

Tokyo – Day 3

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Today is a public holiday in Japan, which means that in a lot of places, there will be a lot more people. We start our day early with a visit to Meiji shrine, 1 of

Tokyo – Day 2

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2nd November, I’m celebrating my birthday in Japan this year No time to sleep in because we have tickets for the studio Ghibli museum, these must be reserved in advance and sell out weeks

Tokyo – Day 1

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After another quiet night in the beautiful Hinoki room breakfast was waiting. The ryokan owner had told us in advance that today would be a western breakfast (just to get some variation) but this


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Today we left Kyoto for Tsumago. This is again a more distant village that requires different modes of transportation to reach. We chose to take the Shinkansen Hikari to Nagano, because it’s a

Kyoto – Day 3

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Today we promised ourselves to visit some famous sites in Kyoto and fill up some more of our goshuin cho (sacred stamp book). But first our stomach requires more attention then our soul, so

Kyoto – Day 1 and 2

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Around noon, we arrived at Kyoto station. We didn’t have much time to spend here as we arranged to go to a kimono meeting in Gion corner. This is a kind of cultural meeting

Kinosaki onsen

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After a journey of 5 hours with different modes of transport (bus, cable car, train, subway, train again and shuttle bus) we arrive at Tsutaya Ryokan in the onsen town Kinosaki. This village is

Kōya-san – Day 2

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After sleeping very well at the temple (you only hear the sounds of the wind and the rain, nothing else) it was time to get up for the morning prayers. Together with the other

Kōya-san – Day 1

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Today we left from Osaka to a temple in Koyasan for a couple of nights. Koyasan is a mountain village that can only be reached by a combination of train, cable car and bus. The