Month: June 2007

Fuji-Q Highland

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We took the bug to Fuji-Q. There was a slight problem because the instructions on the bus were only in japanese, the only thing in english that they told us was that we had


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Day 1 Today was a transferday from Kyoto to Tokyo. We chose to zoom through the landscape with the Shinkansen , this was a lot faster that riding the bus. (2.5 hours versus 6 hours) Arriving in


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This morning, we took the metro to visit the trainstation. This trainstation is not like anything you’ve seen before. THe whole station had 11 floors of which the top floor had a relaxing garden


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Day 1 Transferday from Kurashiki to Kyoto. We started out at Himeji castle, a backdrop for many famous movies. We were in luck and got a goodwill tourguide who gave us some insight into the castle,


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This was a day-trip we did while in Kurashiki. It was an early morning to get ready at seven thirty to leave for Miyajima. Miyajima is an island near Hiroshima known as the holy island. Near


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Day 1 Another transfer day, we traveled from Shikoku to Honshu, the main island of Japan. The bridges connecting these two islands are a marvel of engineering and the information center gave us a good idea


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Day 1 Transfer day from Beppu to Matsuyama. We did not have any breakfast reserved at the hotel this morning but we did go to the convenience store yesterday to stack up on breakfast snacks. This


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Today was another transferday We had a lovely Japanese breakfast in our ryokan. (rice, soup, fish, salad and egg) which gave us a lot of energy to leave for mount Aso. We were sad that we


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We left our ryokan early to take our bus to Aso. The first stop didn’t really smell nice. There were a lot of sulfuric fumes, so it smelled like rotten eggs. This was in Unzen. It