Day 1

Transfer day today so we had to get up early, pack everything and after a quick breakfast on the bus.

We went to visit Karatsu-jo (castle of Karatsu) after a short walk over the beach.

The bus picked us up at the castle and had a short stop for lunch.

We stopped in Imari a small nountain village famous for it’s porcelain. Many nice pieces but we didn’t buy anything because it wouldn’t survive the rest of the trip.

Afterwards we made short stop to visit a huge bridge (and walk ove rit a bit) and then we drove to Nagasaki where we are staying in a cute little Ryokan.

We just got back from the Chinise quarters in Nagasaki where we enjoyed a delicious chinese meal.

When we arrive in the ryokan later our futon will be ready and we can have a good night sleep.

Day 2

We started the day in the ryokan with a good breakfast. Toast, salad with dressing, a grapefruit eggs and bacon and tea.

Ready for the long city walk.
It was more like a hike in the mountains, the roads here are terribly steep.

Close to the ryokan we have a tree that is over 800 years old with a diameter of 12,5 meters, pretty impressive.

We walked to the nagasaki harbor wich houses a big shipwharf.
After a drink on the waters edge we took a small tram to the atomic bomb museum.

Then we went to a shopping mall for lunch and visited some stores. The peace park was our next stop.
The park has impressive statues and a beautifull fountain.
Last but not least there was a visit to a catholic church and an international cementary.

We also walked past a Tori gate with only one leg, a reminder of the damage the atomic bomb did.

After walking in the sun al day we had a nice color (red is a color too).
The weather is almost tropical here.

Day 3

Today we continue the city walk of yesterday.

We started with the oldest catholic church in Japan.
Then we went to Glover Garden, a really big park that once was the property of the Scottish Thomas Blake Glover.
After this we walk through the Hollander Slopes. Holland may be a flat country, these slopes were really steep. (like most streets in this town)

For lunch we went to a restaurant that had a pond in the middle, really special, and tasty.

In the afternoon we took the tram to a ropeway that took us up to Inasa mountain.
Here we had a beautiful view over Nagasaki.

Then we went back to the ryokan to freshen up and rest a bit.

For dinner we went to a kaiten sushi (rotating sushibar). Together we ate 24 plates of sushi (2 sushi per plate) and it only cost 11 euro.

In a few moments we need to pack and take a bath so we are ready for the transfer day tomorrow.

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