Konichiwa everybody,

We arrived well in Tokyo,
After checkin in Amsterdam we walked around for a few hours and had something to eat.

Aboard the plane everything went well, but we had a little brush with security at first, Ben  a little brush with security at first, Ben must have looked a security at first, Ben must have looked a bit suspicious because a huge black body builder/security guard had to check him for any hidden weapons. They didn’t find anything

Aboard the plane we had 3 chairs for the 2 of us, so we managed to get some sleep during our 12 hour flight.

The dinner (chicken and curry) and the breakfast (pancakes with apples) were delicious.

We just checked in our luggage to Fukuoka and are now in an internet cafe before we go to Fukuoka. Maaike already started looking for hello kitty stuff she wants to buy.

Day 2

Jetlag strikes, we didn’t sleep much but still went on a big city tour after breakfast, wich took all day.

After visiting the postoffice and learning about practical affairs we visited one of the big shopping malls. (they sell hairless guinea pigs here, totally kawaii heart)
Afterwards we visited the cultural center ACROS. Inside was a tiny exhibition of traditional toys but the eye catchers was the architecture of the building.

We lunched in the park in front of ACROS with some onigiri we got at a local supermarket. After dinner we went to a traditional japanese garden were we participated in a tea ceremony.

After the tea we left for an old but beautiful temple wich was unfortunatly the breeding ground for horrible vicious mosquitos. I seemed to have been the tastiest one in our group and was victorious with 32 bites on my legs.

We then went to Canal City an even bigger mall with a huge arcade at the top floor (guess where we spend our time). After an exciting game of Mario Kart 2 (and a terrible defeat for Ben) it was dinner time. We enjoyed yaki tori on the waterside and then went back to the hotel.

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